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Help Main Street is Reviving Small Business

Mar 25, 2020

Help Main Street

What is Help Main Street?

This is Steve here with CWS and I just wanted to personally give my thoughts to all those out there during this time. Coronavirus has really taken all of our lives hostage. It's been a crazy last couple of weeks! I'm sure you can all relate.

Ever since this damn pandemic has taken over our lives, I have been trying to think up ideas of how I can help. I wanted to chip in anyway that I could and I did come up with some ideas. But in the midst of all of that while working the good ol' 9-5, I came across Help Main Street on Twitter and then less than a week later noticed a tweet about them needing help.

Upon hearing that, I was just excited to be part of something. So what is Help Main Street? Well, it's pretty simple actually. You can support local eateries and restaurants by purshasing gift cards with the intention of using them later. This gives struggling small businesses during this time some hope!

So here I am, I am all in with this cause and I ask you to be as well. This is not a lead form or an attempt at a service pitch. Just me giving a shit and being human. You can do the same by spreading the word on Twitter and Instagram. Here are the link to the site and social accounts:


Spread the Word!

Steve Connerton

Steve Connerton

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