Top 5 Product Hunt Products (3/16/2020-3/20/2020)

Top 5

Top 5 Product Hunt Products

Week of March 16 – March 20, 2020

Read this Twice Product Hunt

Read this Twice

Read this Twice was hunted by Chris Messina and made by Vahe Hovhannisyan.

Read this Twice was the #1 Product Hunt Product of the Day on March 16th for good reason. I was so impressed by everyting about this, honestly. Taking something that can easily come across as boring - book sales, Read this Twice does such a damn good job putting together a simple interface with a fast AJAX Search. From a technical development standpoint, this is an extremely throrough and solid effort on their part.

The way the product works is it uses book references from well-known figures like actors, names in tech, politicians you name it.

I never know what book to pick ever, so I always base that decision on referrals. so for me this is an obvious book mark. You check out their home page at

Control Illustrations

Control Illustrations was hunted by Denis Shepovalov and made by Anastasiya Yavorskaya and Bakhtiyar Sattarov

Control Illustrations is an image generator for illustration style imagery. This style seems to be trending lately and reminds me of Divi and Elegant themes and the visual approach because they use the illustrations as well.

Control Illustration allows you to create a scene based on these kinds of images. Check out the illustrations at

Apple iPad Pro

The new Apple iPad Pro was hunted by Jake Crump and made by Apple.

I think we all know about the new iPad Pro, so I will keep the overview short. The new iPad Pro is the tablet to directly compete with the Microsoft Surface, there are no if ands or buts about it. It will act as a tablet and laptop.

Per Apple, the performance of this device is beyond what we are used to with laptops in general.

The thing that I would really like to talk about is the website/landing page. Holy shit! I think I have found my current favorite website.

The CSS transitions and animations are some of the best I have ever seen. You need to check the site out if you haven't already.

Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ

Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ​ was hunted by Naomi Assaraf and made by Blaz and Senad Dizdar.

I think that this product is great because I think that Gmail is one of my least favorite online based email clients. To be honest, and this is showing my age, I still use what I consider to be ol' reliable - Hotmail. Go ahead, laugh, but Hotmail has never steered me wrong. I always loved the way their online client worked and, at this point, Outlook and Hotmail are one in the same.

With that said, I may reconsider Gmail, but I really think they just need a overhaul in general. Regardless, the team at cloudHQ have made a so-so platform a hell of a lot better. So, props to them for that! You can check out the extension page at and visit cloudHQ at

Around Product Hunt

Around Video

Around Video was hunted by Alexis Ohanian and made by Dominik Zane .

I have to say, this is a pretty sick video app. I really like the overlay feature. I often find myself in Zoom meetings and just being annoyed at how clunky the whole experience is. My favorite feature of this app is how it contains just the face and blocks out the rest of what is going on, which in my house is usually chaos because I have kids.

It almost is like a video version of Slack, but better! Definitely excited for this on and you can request early access now by going to their site at

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