Product Hunt Top 5 (3/23/2020-3/27/2020)

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Product Hunt Top 5

Week of March 23 – March 27, 2020

GG Life

Join me Congratulating GG Life for being the Product Hunt #1 Product of the Week! Congrats!

I relate closely to this one as Mental Health is a vertical that I that I put a lot of emphasis into. I suffer from depression and have been much more open about it, and how to deal with it. GG Life is also commited to making sure that your mental health remains optimal during these difficult times due to the Coronavirus. I am glad that this product earned the number one spot for the week as it shows that we care more about humility than we do bottom lines, which can be challenging working in tech.

I can relate to all this on a personal level, so I am good with tips, tricks, depression med advice among other areas, but I am no Doctor. However, Dr. Guy Doron is. I suggest you go check out the app. It was the number one product of the week for a reason.

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Flat Icons

Flat Icons came in a close second with their product. Being a hybrid designer/developer I have mixed feelings about this product. The designer in me loves this icons set, the fact that there are free ones offered for a test run, and that you can get 18 GBs of icons for only $79. However, on the flip side, the developer of me comes out and says, Steve, what the hell are you talking about? They're all images, dude, most people will use them the wrong way.

Then the experienced dev in me comes out and says, well hold the phone here, they also come in SVG format. This is the way you want to implement these. SVGs are small in weight and are infinitly scalable vector objects. So, what I thought was some negative feedback, actually is not. Great job on this set!

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Marketing Inspo

Marketing Inspo

Marketing Inspo came in at third with an awesome resource website to gain inspiration for your next project.

I am always looking for inspiration!

Using a boilerplate in design and development can go a long way. It's a copycat kind of world, and if you can leverage someone else's work to improve your own, then why the hell not do that. It's not cheating or unethical. I only say that because I get questioned sometimes as if I have seen every design practice in the world - no one has. But this tool makes it a hell of a lot easier. Addtionally, the way this was curated is what really strikes me as impressive. This is not shitty design, there is some really good stuff on there to get the juices flowing. Check them out at


No complaints, but man has there been a lot of apps to remove backgrounds once Photoshop released the Select Subject feature. Definitely not hating here. I actually love the simplicity of how they put the site together. There are no hoops to jump through here and it's a simple drag and drop or click to upload. Could it do better with hair? Sure, but Photoshop is no better here. Trust me, I'm in Photoshop on a daily basis (maybe if the tolerance threashold is perfect, but hair is always the hardest to select out). This is perfect for the non-techie that wants to remove the background of an image.

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Screen is probably the most thorough all-in-one solution when it comes to screen sharing. Whether it be for support or just to work along side a co-worker to do a code review, this platform is the shit! Excuse the French, but it got me that excited. I did play around with it for a little and I'm going to pitch this to my 9-5 to see if they all would like to use it. We currently use RingCentral and Microsoft Teams and they're not seeming to cut it as that all-in-one solution.

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