Top 5 Product Hunt Products (3/9/2020-3/13/2020)

Top 5

Product Hunt Products

Week of March 9 – March 13, 2020

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Join me Congratulating Wanted for being the Product Hunt #1 Product of the Day! Congrats!

One of my favorite Product Hunt Products, Wanted is a new take on finding employment - basing it more on the income portion than the skills and role portion. I love the idea because this is what matters a ton to freelancers. I know this first hand because when you are in a position where freelance may be the best option, then money is really the only way to base what you look for.

This is because most (not all) IT recruiting agencies that you find work with will offer a great rate, but they won't offer health insurance, 401k or paid time off.

Yes, this part really sucks when it comes to freelance. A few years back I worked this way for 2.5 years at Lockheed Martin. The money was great, but I had to pay for my own health insurance and didn't have paid time off. I would later find out that I would get hit by the max penalty for Obamacare due to not updating my income details. Something I had no idea about.

So, with that said, I think it is a great idea to have a more rate/salary focused hob search for individuals in the situation I just mentioned. Like the sounds of this platform, go check it out at


NeuralCAM is an app that I have had my eye on since it came out on Product Hunt. I haven't had a chance to try it out, but plan to download it and check it out. I am an amateur photographer and notice that the iPhone camera definitely has its weaknesses. I don't see many camera based Product Hunt Products, but this seems like a winner to me that helps with some of the shortcomings of the iPhone camera.

For instance, when trying to capture anything at night, like moon shots and any other shots that are of a landscape or cityscape, it is really tough to get a crisp shot. And, the fact that the app is paid leads me to believe that this app gets the job done. I am always more fearful of free apps that seem too good to be true.

Anyone that tries this app out or already have it, please leave your comments below to tell me what you think. You can check out their homepage at download the app at

Shorthand CSS Logo

Shorthand CSS Framework

This is on of those Product Hunt Products that really tickles my true inner nerd. If there is one area where I am a guru, it is anything CSS, whether it's precompiled CSS like SASS and LESS or just good ol' fashion CSS, I am interested and can execute pixel perfect code.

This can sometimes be a major pain the ass if I am coding an over the top design, or, if the designer has any dev sense, I can use a framework and have no issues.

I have used all the major Grid Based CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton and Materialize among many more. And if there is one common area where there is a lack of effort, it is with responsive tables. Either it's that the framework doesn't account for responsive tables, or they don't execute it very well.

This is an area where Shorthand shines! I love their execution of the responsive tables that they have in their documentation. This is a framework that I will support and use, once the opportunity to use it arises. Check out their home page at and their documentation at

Glyphfinder Logo


Glyphfinder is great because it allows us to get the most out of glyphs as opposed to images or resource dependent icon font libraries, like Font Awesome. This is not a knock at Font Awesome, as I feel they still serve their purpose when the need is there. However, I always err on the side of lightweight when I am able to.

If you're not familiar with Google's Speed Update, you should probably school yourself up as the standards will only get more strict with time. So going lightweight as possible is in your best interest if you want to rank on Google. To give you an idea, your site should load in 3 seconds on a 3G connection. So that means around under a second to a second on a WiFi connection. I'm sure 5G will throw a wrench into the mix, but the standard of making your site as fast as possible will still be highly regarded by Google as one of the more important factors to improve upon when auditing your site.

Using a tool like Glyphfinder is a great way to reduce load times. You can check out their homepage at:

All the Streams FM Logo

All the Streams.FM

All the Streams.FM caught my eye just because of all the streaming services that exist today and the inability to have a combined serivce where you can view all of them. I am ready to explore my options as far as kicking Xfinity to the curb because the pricing is complete bullshit and I'm done.

All the Streams.FM, to my knowledge, has found a loophole with these services and streams them right from their site. So you can watch shows from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Now and Showtime. Major prop to the folks at MSCHF for pulling this one together. I find myself frequenting this quite a bit since it has been added to Product Hunt.

Do you have a product that you want reviewed?

Even if you're not on Product Hunt, it's all good, you can still submit Non Product Hunt Products for review. However, Product Hunt is a great place to get your product more exposure, so I do recommend getting it on there! If you're on Product Hunt, I will find you!

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