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I apologize in advance for the shitty quality of the vid above. Everything was exported in the same fashion as I always do it. I assume this is the measure that YouTube is putting in place to deal with the current bandwidth issues due to everybody and their brother video chatting.

A word about the virus:

Before I get into things, I wanted to wish good health and positive vibes to all those out there. We are all dealing with this “New Normal” (by the way, I fucking hate that term) together. So let’s make the most of it. Let’s be creators, but at the same time be human. This is something that I have always practiced and preached, and now is the best time to be in that kind of mind state.

I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Greg DiNardo for allowing me to do the write up on Markup.

Markup earned the #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on March 9, 2020. Check out their Product Hunt page here.


What is Markup App?

Markup is an online based collaboration tool for commenting on a live website to make suggestions and give feedback that is then overlayed for viewers to see. Comments can be viewed and resolved once they are addressed. I mention in the video and it’s worth mentioning here as well, that this tool is much like the Commenting feature of InVision. The factor that makes this even more impressive is the fact that this Commenting System allows for the interactions to occur on a live website.

Why is this so powerful?

I have worked in tech for a long enough time to understand that the industry has evolved from agile development turnarounds for projects that lack design, usability and overall collaboration. In the last couple of years, companies, including my 9-5, have made great efforts to have a design presence to make processes more efficient.

For me, I bring value with my ability to mockup and prototype UIs in a way that cuts turnarounds in half, or even better. The biz side of the company can see a living breathing design in the form of a prototype that is clickable and save a ton of development time. Before this, and in a lot of situations, dev teams were fully responsible for pulling together endless versions of the code base to satisfy the needs of the client or stakeholders involved.

So why do I mention all this?

Because the process of all these designs and prototypes need a simple way for all sides of the company (testers, devs, product owners, sales, you name it) the ability to collaborate with feedback. This is crucially important to the success of a product.

A website works in the same way.

Things to consider are usability and readability, among layout , object placement and functionality. Markup is great because it allows you to provide feedback to the live site, not a screenshot!

This is the best part of it, and what makes it so special!

And from what I am seeing, this is FREE for more than one project. I find that similar platforms allow for one project, but then get into a freemium subscription based pricing strategy. Maybe there are paid versions at some point, but this looks like one hell of a piece of online software that offers a TON for FREE. Check them out immediately!!!

You can check out this awesome product at



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