Hipolink - Product Hunt Review #2

A few things to mention before getting into the review. I had a lot of technical difficulties with my audio, so apologies for the crappy quality of it.

Also, I was a little unclear on how the app worked, but after some thought. I know exactly what it does, so I will explain that now:

Hipolink was added to Product Hunt this week. Hipolink is an easy way for those that don’t have a website to create one for Instagram. As far as I know, the preview that you see in the video simulates a phone because it may be a mobile-only layout since it caters to the mobile heavy social media outlet. If you’re not aware, the web version of Instagram sucks, so I get why they went in this direction.

So for the review…



The scope of this product is solid as Instagram has really been doing well over the last few years. The only area that, for me, is cause for concern is the fact that there is a ton of ways to create a website these days.

However, I would like to believe that the folks at Hipolink have done their research and understand this and feel there is a large enough percentage of the Instagram user base that doesn’t have a website in their bio. I hope that this platform can help with that and that everyone on IG will have a website now! For the reasons mentioned, I am going to stick to my 8/10 here, just because, at the end of the day, we don’t know until we can see the analytics. Don’t feel discouraged, I am rooting for you guys and here to help if you need it!



I think I was pretty clear in my video that I really like the design here. The fact that the site builder was a very familiar User Interface is what that reminds me a ton of Sketch, which is my favorite design tool for building UIs.

The elements that you can add to your site are more than reasonable for the free version, so you will be working with a Freemium pricing strategy here, which to me is ideal for those that run a small business, like myself.

All the design components are really clean, they are consistent from a modular design perspective and are highly customizable right out of the box. With that said, yes, this is a 10/10.


I really have no problem with the Usability here. I think that the product offers a way to create a mobile website that you can share in the bio link of Instagram, which for some is a need. My only minor takeaway with the interface was that it wasn’t a drag and drop interface, but, as mentioned I get that the easier and more feasible approach both technically and financially might be what is going on here, so I don’t blame you if that is the reason why you couldn’t have it implemented for this version, but do think it could be a great future enhancement to consider. I am going to go with an 8/10 here.

In conclusion, I think that Hipolink is great and will recommend it to those that don’t have a website but have an IG account.

Again, I would like to thank the folks at Hipolink for allowing me the opportunity to review their product and wish you the best of luck with it!

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