Fooodie - Product Hunt Review #1

Product: Fooodie     Hunter: Jorde Guevara     Maker: Jorde Guevara

Hello and welcome guys! This is Steve Connerton of Catalyst Web Solutions. And today will be the first review that I’m going to do for a Product Hunt app! 

And the app is….

I thought that this app was very straightforward and to the point. I can see that this is a growing app as far as user base and partnering restaurants, but I am confident that those numbers will grow with the right marketing and digital strategy in place. So I have high hopes for this one, but as previously stated, the right plan has to be in place. A lot of great ideas can fall through the cracks. (No upsell here, more just sharing wisdom, but glad to help.)

So for the review…


I’m going to start by covering the scope of this app. I think the scope of the app is what really makes it stand out to me. Not only the fact that anything food can be successful, but the choice of User Interface that was used. The good ol’ Tinder UI. I’ve been a fan since day one and have seen more and more of the swipe right, swipe left/right approach in apps.

So the pairing of those two key factors – utilizing a specific functionality that is proven and a market that is never out of demand wins this category a 10/10.



The design gets a good score right off the bat mostly because of my love of the Tinder UI. However, outside of this, I think the UI could use some work. When it comes to an app, you never want to have inconsistency. I know, Captain Obvious, but listen, when a UI changes slightly between screens it tells me one of two things.

  1. There are multiple developers with different visual styles
  2. Or, third parties are being relied on a little too heavily

In this case, I think it may be the latter if anything at all. I would just tighten up consistency with the look and feel and you’ll be golden. The last thing you want a potential investor/venture capitalist to say is you’re looking a little inconsistent with your design. This is more of a general rule of thumb and not saying that this specific app lacks that much from a design perspective. And that’s the reason I give the Design of this app an 8/10.


When using the app, the only thing that I considered to be poor usability was the first section where you choose a price range. I know that multiple dollar signs means that the value increases, but I’d go with a more specific approach, like categories. Maybe use some of the same logic that a DoorDash or Grubhub uses with food types but for price levels instead. Just a thought. That was my only gripe with the whole app, to be honest. I am very critical, so one gripe really isn’t that bad.

From the video, I realize I questioned the “Roll” section, but I think that was due to me not having enough saved eateries, my bad on that one as I think the way it works is like a roll of the dice. Maybe reconsider the name of the section for those that just download the app and don’t have any places added. If you like the name, use an inline notification to let the user know they need to save/pin/favorite/whatever more than one place to partake in a roll of the dice. I am going to go with an 8/10 here as well.

All in all, I really liked the app and plan to use it. Best of luck Jorde at Fooodie!

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