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Product: Becalm   Hunter: Filippo Zanfini   Makers: Filippo Zanfini

First and foremost, I want to thank Filippo Zanfini for giving me the opportunity to review his app, called Becalm. Becalm is an an app that uses breathing exercises to manage anxiety.

So for the review…



Anxiety is no joke, I have dealt with extreme levels of anxiety at times, but know others that struggle far worse than I do. So, think the scope here covers a very large demographic, but what I mention in the video is that, although this is a huge market, I still feel that there is a lot to be had as far as targeting a wider audience within the mental health niche.

An example that I provided Filippo was getting into positive affirmations. I feel that positive affirmations mixed with breathing and possibly light audio could really go a long way. Additionally, looking into the integration of meditation techniques could also enhance the app to reach a larger audience. I am going to go with an 8/10 in this area. My gut tells me that this app is still in its birth and I think we will see it be expanded to have more features.


Right from the start, I thought this was a solid design. I really liked the color scheme that was used for this. To me, I found the color scheme to be very calming, which I imagine is the point here, since it’s supposed to be calming the user down in a time of distress. The user interface (UI) reminds me of two other highly regarded UIs. The first is Google Cards, which has been adopted by many designers. The second is Tinder, just with a vertical implementation. Both are solid examples to go on. Overall, very solid design, but I have a pretty critical eye, so I am going to go with a 9/10 here.



I thought the app was very easy to use. The only area that I got into, which is an advanced and often overlooked area is web accessibility. As designers and developers, we have to take into consideration every type of user that might interact with an interface. This includes those that are color blind and those with vision issues.

So, as much as I love the dark mode, there should maybe be like two more options. One for a light mode, one for color blindness (this is a great tool for that – and text enlarging options for those with bad vision.

I am going to go with a 7/10 here, just because I really want to express the importance of accessibility, but otherwise the usability is great!



In Conclusion

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Becalm app. At $0.99, it’s a steal. Especially for those that struggle with panic attacks. I see this app growing with more features and getting even better with time. So, if you’re smart, hop on this price now because if this app takes off, I can see it going subscription based at a much higher cost. Thanks again Filippo, and best of luck!


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